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Rush Cycle - Frisco
6700 Stonebrook Pkwy 106
FriscoTX 75034
 (972) 292-9753
Experience The RushWe believe that fitness should be fun, inspiring, and create positive change in the community(972) 292-9753
New Riders First Class Free!
Join our communityYou will feel right at home when you step foot into our studios. Our non-intimidating and inspiring internal culture creates synergy among the front desk staff, instructors, and riders. Come see what our Rush Family is all about!
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The Rush RideWe believe that your workout should be both effective and fun. Once the lights dim down and the music turns up, you will know that it's time for a party on a bike. Be sure to book your favorite bike in advance because classes sell out!
Best InstructorsWe have spent years developing our instructor training program to guarantee that our studios are staffed with elite talent. Each instructor will inspire you to give your personal best in our fast-paced full-body workouts. Get ready to work!
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We track your personal stats every Rush Ride to help meet your goals!

Let our Rush Ride Dashboard track your on-going metrics so you don’t have to. Track your progress, challenge yourself and crush your personal best! Let Rush Stats help you ride stronger and faster.

item imageCalories BurnedYou'll burn a lot of these - fast!
item imageAverage WattsThe watts you produce will lighten up your ride!
item imageMax RPMYou'll be pleased when you learn how fast you can spin!
item imageTotal DistanceThe length of your ride will impress you!
item imageClass RankYou'll learn to compete with yourself when you know this!
item imageRank InstructorYou'll love an excellent instructor - they'll push you!

We’ll even give you a weekly and monthly tally of how many calories you’ve burned and how many miles you’ve ridden. Track your progress, and get back in the saddle to ride faster and stronger on the next one!

Spin Class Frisco, TX

Are you looking for a high-intensity workout that'll torch numerous calories? Would you like to engage and strengthen your entire body? If you said yes to both, then you need to sign up for a class with Rush Cycle - Frisco. Our spin class studio is perfect for every fitness level and our clients' diverse array of fitness goals. Whether that's to lose a couple of pounds or see an increase in metabolism, our instructors will help you get there. Book your first class with us today by calling (972) 292-9753!

Join Our Community: The Rush Ride

We want cyclists of all fitness levels to feel right at home when they step foot into our studios. Each instructor is committed to providing a non-intimidating atmosphere where all can enjoy the exciting culture of fitness. Working out should be both useful and fun. We make sure you'll have fun exercising when we dim the lights and crank up the music. Book your first class with us quickly, because "The Rush Ride" swears by us and classes sell out fast!

Each instructor works to inspire you to give the spin class your personal best. A fast-paced workout, we guarantee that you'll receive training from by elite talent. 

Best Spin Classes in Frisco

  • Spin Classes
  • Group Classes
  • Fitness Classes
  • Indoor Cycling

Our excellently knowledgeable trainers will support you along your fitness journey in all of our spin classes. All bikes used in classes are brand new, providing you top-of-the-line ride technology.

As we track these stats, we'll give you a weekly and monthly total of how many calories you've burned and how many miles you've ridden. One personal milestone will lead you to your next, and your body will return the favor.

Book A Class: Crush Your Goals

Whether you're a cycling beginner or an elite spin class athlete, Rush Cycle - Frisco provides the local community an efficient cardio-intensive workout. We've maintained a premium level of quality, intimacy, and convenience with our clients since 2018. We hope to ride with you when you call (972) 292-9753 and book your first class today!

Rush Stats: Track Your RideOur studio tracks your stats with every Rush Ride to ensure you meet your goals. We use a thing called the "Rush Ride Dashboard" to track your on-going metrics so that you do not have to. It's all designed to help you track your process, set personal challenges - and crush it! These stats help you to ride stronger and faster.


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Business Hours:

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